High quality Dead Sea products at
affordable prices.

Simona Anti-Aging

An advanced Healthy & Natural anti-aging cosmetic line.

home spa
Mystic Sea

Natural Pets Care. New line of dog shampoos based on 100% natural ingredients, Dead Sea minerals and Aromatic oils.

Home Spa

We bring unique Spa treatment
to the comfort of your home.

Spa Professional

A one of a kind wide-range and high performance line of Dead Sea Treatment menu for professional use only.

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Based on the Dead Sea black mud and salts

all products are natural and paraben free, combining the minerals taken from the depths of the Dead Sea with herbal extracts, essential oils, and multi-vitamin complexes a flawless balance of the finest ingredients – in order to enable full utilization of the power of the Dead Sea minerals.

Minerals products are designed for face, body, hair and healthcare.

As a marine source of bio-energy, the minerals stimulate latent cells and revive the mechanisms that are essential for healthy skin.

Minerals products are formulated especially for every skin type and every age.

Revolutionary patented formulas bring immediate positive results in skin firmness, elasticity, hydration, texture, and radiance, making the skin look, act and feel younger.

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