Minerals was founded in 1993 in order to develop, manufacture and market a complete range of advanced Natural Health and Beauty products based on the minerals found in the Dead Sea.

Minerals offers its worldwide customer base the option of private label products.

high-end products such as: Resonances – France, Selah Perfume – USA, sportive medium brands such as: Reebok International, semi-selective brand: Nactar – Ireland, mass-market brands: Deep Sea Cosmetics and Blue Cosmetics.


We guide our clients throughout the entire process, from concept to finished product.


Our talented and dedicated design team has won prestigious awards for its efforts, including the 2002 World Star Award for the design of a private label line for a successful American brand.

Ongoing research assures a steady stream of new products based on the company’s profound understanding of the skin, the latest technological advances, and its proprietary secrets for unleashing the full force of the Dead Sea’s minerals.

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